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E-currency exchange

(money exchanger, 17. 5. 2017 15:05)

If you don't yet have wallet as well as Ethereum, you can come to the office to exchange with a mobile phone (Android, iOS) and our experts will help you to easily install a portfolio. For any major purchase (> EUR500), we recommend that you use the Nano Ledger, a smart card that fills into your computer or smartphone, and that guard very effectively your bitcoins (on sale at the House of the Bitcoin from EUR34. 80 TTC).
After you save your data and created your account, your transaction will take only a few minutes.
Commissions to our physical counter are:

Intended for cash payments, the commission payment is fixed at 10%.
For credit-based card payments, the commission is degressive in line with the accrued purchases:
The bare minimum transaction is EUR20. Money, the maximum is EUR1, 000 per day and EUR6, 000 per month.
Tips on how to sell bitcoins in our physical counter
On the same way, most of us purchase your bitcoins for cash in minutes. You will need:
The commission applied is the same as for credit card acquisitions.
How to buy bitcoins online on our web site

We invite you to register on the site Coinhouse in order to buy bitcoins and ethers online. VISA and Mastercard 3D Secure greeting card payments, prepaid cards types PCS and Neosurf seats are allowed.
Our commission payment on coinhouse. io is degressive in line with the accrued buys

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